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Beige Printed Pets Hang Tag

This hang tag is both sided printed, used for dogs leashes.

  • Features & Specification

            Small things speak volumes. Hang tags might be small but you shouldn't judge their ability to attract and inform consumers on your products. Whether it's their usual use as branding for apparel, health and beauty products, or virtually anything in retail, hang tags have carved a niche as a unique way to showcase your brand story


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      Item: Beige printed pets hang tag
      Size: 5x10cm
      Material: art paper, plastic seal tag
      Finish: hole drill, die cut round corner
      MOQ: 1000pcs

      Delivery time: 5-7 days for sample

                             7-9 days for production

      Apply to: pet accessories


           First is the standard hang tag which can be rectangular and square shapes. These hang tags are perfect for writing additional text and branding design as well as more information about your products. Second, die-cut hang tags can provide a creative approach on your branding. With several shapes to choose from—circle, half-circle, oval, leaf, and rounded corners—you can get more visual emphasis on your design and attract more potential customers. Finally, the folded hang tag which gives a great use of space to convey information. You can even use the fold as a promotional gimmick like coupons or use it for social media marketing. Your imagination is your limit.

    Material options

    17080811 hang tag (1).jpghang tag (18).png17080833 hang tag (3).png


    Gold Foil Stamp
    Spot UV
    Die Cut

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    UV hang tag.png

    17080816 hang tag (1).JPG


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    17080813 hang tag (1).JPG
    17080819 hang tag (1).jpg


     How to order?

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