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Application of Label Printing technology
Nov 14, 2017

The material choice of the tag card may be varied, but the printing and making process is basically the following points:

1, 300 grams, 350 grams of coated paper is the most common tag card used;

2, the characteristics of coated paper is very smooth, high smoothness, gloss, high color saturation, printing out of the tag card color is relatively bright, in addition, feel thick, take in hand to give a stable feeling, relatively, it is most of the tag paper;

3, the black cardboard, strong and thick, through black, suitable for bronzing and UV technology, women's hanging card side slender, men can use more than a large size, in short, clothes tag on the love of black cardboard;

4, coated paper coated matte film, coated paper with the characteristics of bright saturated color, coated with matte film more grade and texture, the most favored by customers;

5, size: 90mmx150mm;

Process characteristics:

All kinds of bronzing, bronzing process, so that the card screen more high-grade, more high-end atmosphere. Bronzing, Hot silver, UV, beer fillet, punching hole, crystal convex word, beer abnormity, such as printing process.

1, bronzing: Dazzling light can play a finishing touch, highlighting the role of design theme;

2, indentation: The subtle feeling of respect, enduring lines bring timeless classics, show the brand of elegance and taste;

3, Embossing technology: After the embossed card on the surface of the cards with different shades of pattern and texture, with a clear three-dimensional relief, increasing the artistic appeal of printing.

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