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Classification and characteristics of woven label
Oct 31, 2018

Woven label: when the required trademark of a one-off case according to the width of the need to point out, called woven label.This process avoids many disadvantages of cutting edge, but the yield is low.Also available in flat/satin, it is soft and supple.Suit to be used at things of higher dress quite, wait like fashionable dress, suit, it is the Japanese manufacturer that pays attention to quality USES most, the machine also is the Japanese that does is exquisite.Selvage labels are usually used for satin, but the base color of the satin is difficult to express.

The machine that weave mark has woodshed machine and crochet machine two kinds commonly.

Features: after the label is woven from the machine, it is a complete one, so its edges are covered. If the filling yarn is the same color from beginning to end, it is connected together and feels soft.Disadvantages: low production efficiency and less than five colors available.

Crochet machine can also produce quality of various techniques and even add transparent polyester filament into the warp yarn, which is called fish silk crochet machine.The characteristics are similar to the trademark of wooden shuttle, but non-shuttle, but knitted, so the weft yarn is relatively tight and strong.More used for the color standard, the use of the different characteristics of warp, weft through high - temperature transfer and color.This kind of trademark has high cost.In addition to the cost composition of the fabric width, various lengths, and process, there are also used yarn varieties.JB series yarn for international use.

Woven label: the machine used is west Germany machine.As the name implies, in the special high-speed machine, like a piece of fabric, and then cut into the width of the bar.Due to the thermophilic melting properties of polyester, the yarns stick to each other when cut and do not scatter edges.Also because of this reason, the appearance and feel will be affected, good machine will be better, with ultrasonic cut than ordinary electric heating knife will be better.The cloth label of strip clothing can be directly arranged and sent to the garment factory for processing;If the requirements are strict, still need to be cut and folded.Since the maximum width of this machine is 20.8cm, that is to say, the mark of this width can be woven, and various shapes can be processed.

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