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Classification and characteristics of woven labels
Oct 31, 2018

Woven label: when the required trademark of a one-off case according to the width of the need to point out, called woven label.This process avoids many disadvantages of cutting edge, but the yield is low.Also available in flat/satin, it is soft and supple.Suit to be used at things of higher dress quite, wait like fashionable dress, suit, it is the Japanese manufacturer that pays attention to quality USES most, the machine also is the Japanese that does is exquisite.Woven label is usually used for satin label, but the background color of the satin is difficult to express.

According to the classification process can be divided into two categories: plane label and satin label.

Flat label: if the fabric structure is simple, it is called a simple flat label.Generally speaking, the warp yarn is fixed, or black, or white, so there is black and white flat, light color background color standard, general with white flat, dark with dark flat.The pattern and color of the cloth label are mainly expressed by filling, and the color expressed should be different and different from the effect of crossing the warp yarn.Since most machines have restrictions on the type of filling used, there are limits on the colors they can express, usually within 8 categories.

It can be seen from above that price factors include: the width of the cloth label, that is, the amount of warp used;The length of the marking, and the length of each color along the warp direction.In order to express details and colors more abundantly, double the filling yarn and call it double label. If one color needs to be more three-dimensional, add another yarn and call it reshuttle.In addition to washing and size, most of the two - sided surface label.The fabric label is yarn to express the pattern, and is definitely different from the original graphic design, so it is impossible to make large goods without small samples.

Satin fabric label: the fabric is made of interwoven weft and weft. In addition to improving the quality by doubling the weft, there is also doubling the warp. This process is the satin structure.The fabric is thus made soft and smooth by doubling the warp count.Because after doubling the warp count, the density is too high, the filling cannot express the pattern well, and the background color cannot be done flexibly.Only through the post process to show a certain color requirements.A machine set to do plane or satin, is generally relatively fixed.The width of the trimmed satin should not exceed 10.8CM and the width of the selvage satin should not exceed 5.0CM

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