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Clothing tag commonly used paper and grams weight
Nov 14, 2017

300 grams of coated paper: and business card thickness similar, suitable for children's wear, underwear, summer and other frivolous tag.

400 grams of coated paper: slightly thicker than 300 grams of coated paper, more stiffness can be free to do a knife version of the special shaped.

800 grams of coated paper: a little thicker than the bank card, the relative thickness of papers, free to do the knife version of the special shaped.

Cotton Card: Paper cotton soft, wood color, material rough, concave and convex feeling strong, heavy literary taste.

Pearlescent paper: In the light of a little silver pearl, and Pearl feel similar, very expensive gas.

White cardboard: white cardboard with fine quality, artistic flavor, white color. Suitable for arts and culture fan and national wind tag.

Kraft paper: Color is yellow-brown, due to the light problem to get the real color of the hand, suitable for use in some vintage and denim products.

Black Cardboard: Black cardboard firm thick, through black. Suitable for stamping and UV technology.

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