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Common malfunctions and coping methods of tag printing
Nov 14, 2017

1.The white spot of the label printing malfunction.

Start with the distinction of the spot type: The spot is appearing on the printing ink, on the eraser cloth or on the plate? Identify the spot fault and where the spot is located. Several causes of this failure, including: printing machine or printing workshop dirty, paper powder, ink viscosity is too high, paper has prominent small particles, ink grinding is not detailed, paper cutting debris, cots metamorphism or dirty, ceiling or other sources of impurities.

2.Double Shadow and blur of the failure of the label printing.

In the process of printing and transmitting, printed can not smoothly pass, roll up or wrinkle, can cause ghosting and blur problems. It is suggested that the quality control methods such as Star standard, dot enlargement test strip and ladder ruler should be used to distinguish quickly. The common causes include: the paper feeding is not allowed, the printing paper is bad, the rubber Bussonsch, the ink dot enlargement rate is high, the printing plate/blanket squeeze is too tight, the wetting ability of fountain solution is too weak;

3.The dirty of the malfunction of the label printing.

There are two types of problems: starting dirty and printing. The main reasons for starting the dirty include: printing plate serious gray fog, roller adjustment poor, to the water level is too low, the genuine printing plate exposure is not enough, ink viscosity too low or additives too much; printing plate/blanket extrusion deformation. The main reasons for the dirty printing include: printing plate slightly gray fog, fountain liquid wetting capacity is insufficient, ink pigment wear, ink make water;

4.The adaptability of ink and water in the printing of a label.

The adaptability of ink and water is very important for the efficient production of printing workshop. The control of ink balance is to control the process.

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