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Digital printing application range.
Dec 04, 2018

1. Offset printing: all kinds of color samples, calendars, desk calendars, packing boxes, brochures, posters, exquisite albums, handbags, letterheads, envelopes,

Color boxes, advertising papers, bags, packaging and decoration, brochures, tickets.

2, leather label: all kinds of rubber, plastic, PVC leather trademarks, decorative labels, zipper head labels, key rings, medals.

3, weaving embroidery: computerized silk weaving all kinds of trimming, sewing satin, flat trademark, decorative label, luggage belt.

4, embossed: all kinds of clothing tag, stickers, barcode, crystal drop plastic, laser anti-counterfeiting standard.

5, silk screen: all kinds of silk screen printing ribbons, non-woven fabrics, cloth tape trademarks, steamed bread, PVC plastic labels, processing materials.

6, machine printing: all kinds of colored ribbons, trademarks, hoes, washing, reel stickers, special non-woven belts.

Packing boxes, calendars, desk calendars, handbags, exquisite albums, samples, brochures, posters, laser anti-counterfeiting labels, stickers, trademarks and other printing.

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