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Finish process for woven label
Dec 07, 2018

After the weaving process, the package is complete. 

1. Package 2. Slice  3. Trimming (hot cut and cold cut) includes: Bilateral folds, folds, folds, triangle folds, Manhattan folds, single folds, long and short folds, comfort folds, envelope folds, 4. Cut: include: Ultrasound Trimming (opening) ultrasonic sectioning (shearing) 5. Laser 6. Manual folding 7. Embossing 8. Wearing beads 9. Car ribbon 10. Filling cotton 11. Opening 12. Over-pulp 13. Shaped hot cut: hand cut 14. Hot color 15. Too hot 16. Stick double-sided tape 17. Calender 18. Car bag 19. Wear rope 20. Overheated melt adhesive: American glue, ordinary glue 21. Plus: white, black, checkered Park 22. Eyes 23. Open button door 24. Silk screen 25. Epoxy 26. Upper lifting ring 27. Sewing 28. Locking: seaming, wrapping 29. Embroidery: Embroidery pattern, embroidery side

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