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Hand Towel Embroidery And Computer Towel Embroidery
Jan 17, 2019

1. Hand towel embroidering is a production method combining manpower and machine single machine. It is called hook hair. It is suitable for flower shape, simple and rough, and the color is small. The shape of the produced product is probably more uniform, but the flower shape is not the same. If there is fine embroidering, it will not be completed at all.

2. Computer towel embroidery is a pure machine combined with computer program for production, also known as: computer hook hair, chain embroidery, chain embroidery, fur embroidery, computer towel embroidery, machine towel embroidery. The products made by embroidery are all the same, the production speed is fast, and the fine flower shape is also fully qualified for production.chenille patch

chenille patch

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