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History of woven patch
Jan 08, 2019

          Woven patch - knitting and weft - knitting technology have been widely used in ribbon.In 1973, it successfully trial-produced knitted nylon wide elastic belt.In 1982, it began to introduce Italian crocheting machine with advanced technology and wide variety of production, especially suitable for thin decorative belt fabric, such as lace, elastic belt, window screen, decorative belt and so on.The basic processing flow of woven label is: dyeing, winding, weaving, ironing and packaging.Flat loom is used for fire hose billet weaving.In the second half of 1974, the industry organization tube billet weaving development team, according to the principle of knitting, with warp/weft woven, rely on knitting yarn in the knitting process, using cylindrical arc and subsidence of knitting yarn, will not be mixed of warp and weft yarn into a whole, and become a line by line knitting tubular knitted fabric, plastic coated products outlet pipe and high-pressure fire hose production technology level in the country.  

         If the background color of woven label is dark, choose black flat or black satin.The cloth standard with lighter ground color chooses bai ping, bai damask commonly to come life is made, have cent so bai ping, black flat, bai duan, black damask.Warp is fixed, mainly pure white, black, as usual, can do 8 colors, feel soft, crocheting machine is linked to Taiwan machine, but its manufacturing volume is low, so mainly used for good quality clothing, children's wear, coiao clothing, etc., do not scratch the skin, Taiwan machine cloth label edge for weaving edge, the singing is satin mechanism.Where the warp and weft intersecting belt, and that is by the warp increasingly, 0CM.Through the warp increasingly, 8CM, cut satin as usual width can not exceed 10.The density is too high, the cloth, as usual, will not exceed 5. Aside from the fact that the weft is used to improve the texture, the satin label cannot be made naively in the underlying colour.Because the warp increasingly, only through the process to express not necessarily the color requirements.

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