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How is a beautiful tag born
Nov 14, 2017

1. Cutting

Generally we commonly used tag size is: 9*5.4cm, 4*9cm, 4*4cm, 9*9cm and so on some companies in order to highlight the personality, or uniqueness, will also be the tag design into some other size, there are some round, triangular, oval, irregular type, a lot of, after careful design, To make the tag more exquisite, more art, more high-end luxury.

2. Rounded Corners

The angle has two kinds, one kind is the round angle machine cuts, one kind is the knife edition flushes. Knife version of the stamping can be based on the design requirements to do, the need to make a knife version, the finished product will have a very not obvious edge. The fillet machine cut has 7 kinds of angle, without the edge but without knife version of the smooth.

3. Punch

Holes are usually clothing tags, bookmarks and creative business card applications. Depending on the size of the bit the hole can be punched in different sizes.

4. uv/Crystal/Plastic Drop

UV also known as crystal, or drop plastic. is to use UV ink or UV powder on the material full version or local glazing, so that the business card to obtain a convex gloss. Technology on the cold UV and hot UV two kinds. General coated paper and a lot of album cover is cold UV, the specific heat of UV convex low. Hot UV is more crystal clear, pockets more full. The application of crystal is divided into colorless crystal, monochrome crystal and color crystal three kinds.

5. Gravure/Punch

Convex also called the convex, it is a kind of printing ink, using a matching concave-convex version, the business card press the relief-like text of the back-road process. Concave and convex technology to give business cards an extraordinary texture, divided into color bump and colorless concave and convex two kinds. Strong stereo visual feeling and good sense of touch, simple design because the concave-convex process feel rich, the space of the picture because relief appears relaxed, vivid. Many European and American style business cards to take the process. Bump with hot stamping also need to Seihan, and add a version of the fee. Bronzing version is a version, and the concave-convex version is yin and Yang two version, so the version fee is also a hot stamping version of a double.

6. Imprint Printing

Embossing, divided into colorless indentation and colored pressure concave two kinds. The difference between it and the concave-convex process is that the back of the paper is not convex after indentation. Indentation is a concave-sided process, visually and bump have similarities, the details are different.

7. Hot Stamping/Anodized aluminum

Hot stamping is actually a collectively, can be bronzing, hot silver, hot red, hot blue, hot transparent film, hot laser and so on. The principle of the process is to rely on a certain pressure and temperature, the use of hot stamping machine installed on the plate, so that business cards and hot stamping plate in a short period of pressure, the metal Platinum Press the template for printing and text requirements transfer to the card surface of the post-processing process.

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