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How to make embroidery patch
Feb 05, 2019

Embroidery patch makes it is to point to will LOGO or design are passed computer to wait through embroider machine to come out on cloth embroidery, undertake a series of cut out to this cloth and revise again next wait, the cloth qualitative badge that makes it contain embroidery together finally, namely Embroidery patch.

In all kinds of badge making, embroidery badge is also an important one, widely used in all kinds of casual clothes, hats (hat badge), shoulder badge (shoulder badge) and so on, is one of the badges with large production.The production of embroidery badge can be customized according to the sample or according to the drawing.Mainly through the scanning, drawing (if it is customized according to the drawing of these two steps is omitted), printing, electric embroidery, glue (mainly soft glue, hard glue, self-adhesive), cutting edge, burning edge (package edge), quality inspection, packaging and other procedures.

1. Design drawings according to samples and customers' ideas.For embroidery to be copied, the first draft need not be as correct as the finished product.We just need to know the idea or sketch, the color and the required size.It is not like the production of anniversary badges, COINS to re - draw so that can be reproduced.We say "repaint" because maybe the painting doesn't have to be embroidered.But a person with a certain embroidery function is needed to replicate.

2. After the customer confirms the design and color, enlarge the design pattern into a technical drawing 6 times larger, and then make the version of the embroidery machine according to the enlarged drawing.Lofters should have the skills of artists and graphic artists.The stitching on the drawing indicates the type and color of the thread to be used, taking into account some of the requirements of the pattern maker.

3. Secondly, the printer USES a special machine or computer to make patterns.From paper tape to disc, today's printed tape can easily be converted to any other format, regardless of its previous format.In this stage, the human factor is important and only those skilled and experienced pattern makers can serve as embroidery chapter designers.People can use various means to verify the printing belt, for example, in the shuttle machine, with a prototype can make a sample of the proofing machine, can let the pattern maker constantly watching the embroidery.With the computer, only when the ribbon is really in the prototype test, cut, do the sample.

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