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How to use fluorescent ink
Jan 30, 2019

Engaged in packaging and printing industry knows that the fluorescent ink between many packaging printing plant is very popular use of ink, but because of its cost is higher, so in the clothing tags commonly custom-built process, using the fluorescent ink ratio can be said to be few and far between, because clothing tags in the whole area is finite, and fluorescent ink is used in the design or the field of the patterns of the area is large and bright, however, this condition may be difficult to achieve in the tag, so the use of large probability is relatively low, but that does not mean that the fluorescent ink was eliminated by clothing tags customization,It is not that the clothing tag custom process without fluorescent ink.Today, HK will take you to understand the small knowledge of fluorescent ink.

Coating way will affect the quality of fluorescent ink.Water-based ink and glazing ink is a common clothing tag custom coating, but no matter which coating method, fluorescent ink quality will be affected by these coating materials.The fluorescence ink image can not be checked in a simple way, you must go to the printing press to check the image is qualified, this is mainly due to the way the coating may affect the quality of fluorescence ink color difference.

Because fluorescent ink color is not deep, many packaging and printing plants will be in vain to increase the amount of ink, through this method can be very directly to make the ink color become more bright.Generally speaking, the fluorescent ink used in this way is customized for some seasonal short-term promotion of clothing tags, but this approach will abandon part of the beauty of the shadow.Fluorescent ink can do appear to have a special kind of light, due to their use of a large proportion of the color spectrum, UV ink is one of them.By converting the wavelength of the UV spectrum to visible light, more colors of the spectrum are reflected back to the human eye.

In addition, I would like to remind you that the core of fluorescence is the addition of resin in the solution, if there is no resin solution, then this batch of ink is still unable to fluorescence.


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