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How to use woven patch
Jan 09, 2019

          Woven label can be ironed or sewn on the favorite bag, cushion for leaning on, bed sheet, quilt cover and cloth art, make your own DIY creative very fashionable oh!It can be used to mend clothes, wear or stains that won't come out, such as baby's clothes, can be used to mend holes, cover up flaws.It can be used to decorate clothes, shoes, etc., or even double-sided adhesive wall furniture, give full play to your creativity.Early clothings feels drab, can choose a cloth of individual character to stick undertake adornment, a new dress was born.

Usage of woven label:

1, before ironing to keep the back clean, according to the use of the iron will be adjusted to the temperature of the appropriate clothing.

2. Put the cloth in the proper position (do not tear off the glue) and iron it back and forth for a few times, generally about 15 seconds.

3, in order to prevent ironing, can be pasted on a layer of thin cotton cloth (must be cotton yo, not if the cloth).After ironing, check the edge to see if it is ironed well.

4, but also the root decal thickness to determine the temperature, a little thick, must be a little higher temperature, hot for a long time.For very thick cloth, you can iron a few more times on the back.

5, pay special attention to: for with sequins or surface more bright buiter (due to the sequins are plastic products) must be pad a layer of cloth with low temperature pressing (below 150 ℃), or directly with a steam iron.Or put a damp cloth over it.To prevent the plastic from melting at high temperatures.

6, the best way is in the hot, with a needle and thread in the cloth on the edge of a few stitches, so more solid, but also very obedient.

7, in the home does not have iron, also can use the line of same color to stick cloth to sew on the dress directly.

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