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Introduction of hang tag
Nov 09, 2018

Hang tag printing usually USES offset printing and silk-screen printing, which is rich in color and USES a lot of words. The later processing, such as gold, silver or spot color, is done by silk screen printing.If the tag is pure text or has only the trademark, it will use silk screen, the color of the tag will not be more than two and are designated color.Concavoconvex and embossing are two common techniques in garment hangers for the aesthetics of the hangers.The garment tag usually USES 250~300 grams of white cardboard paper, printing full background color, than the special paper with color saving costs.

A batch of tags production could not only dozens of hundreds, mass production makes the card manufacturers want to short time delivery must use mechanical production, the accuracy of the products in the printing machine will be high, but with occasional accident happens, it need tags printed notice and prevent loss of mass.

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