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Introduction of kinds of products
Nov 07, 2018

About rubber patch

rubber patch, also known as drop plastic patch, or PVC patch, through the carving mold, high temperature stereotyping and other processes, the product features flexible expression, three-dimensional effect.In recent years, it is a prominent means of brand expression.


About the PVC LOGO

The PVC LOGO takes advantage of the rich plasticity of artificial leather and various plastics, as well as the processing of screen printing and high frequency hot pressing to obtain the soft and flexible modeling of various materials.

About reflective materials

Reflective material, use reflective lattice reflective coating, enhance the reflection effect of light, in the condition of strong light or night vision, can make the marker particularly prominent.

About the three-dimensional label

Three-dimensional label, also known as the magic color mark.Use optical principle, through up to eight printing to print the pattern on the grating, make the pattern has stereo effect, perhaps can see the pattern of different level from different Angle.Even if the plane flag moves.

About seal tag

Seal tag, an injection molding process specially developed and applied for clothing, has the function of disposable use and strong brand appeal.

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