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Manufacture process of PVC tag
Nov 14, 2017

Whether clothing or luggage products, PVC tags are like the image of the product spokesperson, as a statement and advertising media and other roles. PVC tag production of the general steps: Tag Design-proofing-out of film-on machine printing-hot stamping silver-laminating-die-cutting.

For the PVC tag printing, the traditional printing method can not fully meet the high information content of today's demand for the printing tag. Although the fixed graphics and text messages of many PVC tags still use the traditional prepress method, but some important information about the product, such as price, bar code and other variable information, but need to use digital printing.

PVC tag material grams are relatively large, often more than 200gsm, the use of hot-print laser printer can not be printed on such a heavy material, and inkjet quality can not meet the requirements of exquisite tag printing. Through the market screening and testing, some industry people found that the use of cold temperature laser printer can be very good to meet the high quality of high-quality label printing requirements, in the PVC tag market has been more mature application, market awareness and recognition degree is also gradually upgrading.

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