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Mixed embroidery
Jan 17, 2019

Mixed embroidery: it is two different colors of the line number embroidered together.

Cross stitch paper without special instructions, usually in the 11CT is 3 strands of line embroidery, 2 strands of line border, small 14CT is 2 strands of line embroidery, 1 strand of line border.Small case 14CT is 2 lines embroider, two kinds of color mix embroider is simpler, each 1 can.Foreign original drawings are usually clearly marked, as long as you follow the instructions.Zhongge 11CT is a 3-strand embroidery. If the mixed embroidery paper does not clearly indicate which color is used with 2 strands and which color is used with 1 strand, it is an important issue. If the ratio is not good, it will seriously affect the effect of pattern completion.


1, if the number of two colors is the same, you can refer to the design renderings, according to the mixed embroidery near the color contrast for mixing, independent collocation.Because want to understand, mix color embroider a law, the purpose should make a few color transition namely design.

2, some cross-stitch manufacturers will match a good mix of color lines, can be judged by a simple number, which color line more, which with 2, less with 1.

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