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Printing Art --- Emboss printing
Dec 10, 2018

Emboss printing

Embossing printing is the process of pressing the printed matter to make it similar to the original. The general production objects are oil paintings and the like. Because the oil painting has the thickness of the paint on the original painting, and the ordinary printed product can only express its plane. If the printed matter becomes the same convex as the original, the concave is concave, is it not more realistic? The relief printing is divided into two parts. It is both high quality and popular. Premium products are printed with excellent quality paper and are limited in quantity. Popular products are printed on plain paper and are popular for the general public, so they are more in production. After the printing is completed, a film is attached to the printed matter, and then the pre-made platen (i.e., the embossed plate obtained by photolithography) is pressed on the printed matter to make the same beauty as the original painting. replica. Such relief prints are reproduced with the most famous paintings, and others are used in art collections or landscape postcards, and the like.


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