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Relevant information on the clothing tag
Nov 14, 2017

1. View the depth of the color. The darker the color of the clothes on the label, the more the dye is added to the garment. When buying infant clothing and underwear, please try to choose light color.

2. View the model. The clothes tag does not indicate the height and the bust model, this kind of clothes is unqualified. "140/64A" is the type of qualified clothing label, 140 means height, 64 for the bust, a means the body, a means "normal", b means "overweight", C means "fat", y means "thin".

3. View the washing instructions. Formal manufacturers of clothing, washing instructions are in accordance with the washing, drying, ironing and other orders. If the description of the order is not correct, even without a description, do not buy.

4. View level. The grade of clothing is generally divided into excellent products, a class of products, qualified products. The level of the here is: color fastness, high quality products and the requirements of the class. The general baby clothing and underwear are the only products above.

5. View the security technology category. Clothing safety technology categories are generally divided into a, B, c three categories, under the age of three years old baby, must choose to meet a type of technical requirements of clothing. Direct contact with the skin clothing, should meet the technical requirements of Class B products, not directly contact the skin clothing, should meet the technical requirements of category C products.

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