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Technics of hang tag
Oct 27, 2018

1. The function of UV is to make the printed paper shiny and protect the paper surface effectively. It is a processing technology for the paper surface after printing.

2. This kind of tag is very common and fashionable.In particular, the study of gold stamping is called anodized hot stamping, is a special printing process.This kind of printing does not need ink, with the help of certain pressure and temperature, with the template installed on the hot stamping machine, so that the paper and the hot stamping foil in a short time mutual extrusion hot stamping template image and text transfer to the paper surface.

3, concavo-convex, the process originated in China, and the same as gold and silver hot stamping tags also do not use ink, the same pressure on the printed paper on the image, patterns.

4. The glue is a post-processing technology of paper. After the tag is printed, the high-purity epoxy resin is liquefied under the high temperature environment and attached to the surface of the tag to form various patterns.

5. Flocking, the process is a little complicated, in a simple way, the process is to use the physical properties of charge mutual exclusion and opposites attract, and the value of the wool to the paper surface coated with adhesive.

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