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The advertisement function of brand fashion tag design
Nov 14, 2017

The so-called tag design, is attached to the clothing and other commodities have the product's brand name, logo, origin and other information of the small card. A brand is a product or service that identifies a seller or a group of sellers and distinguishes it from the product or service of a competitor, usually by a combination of elements such as logos, symbols, patterns, words, and colours, or these elements.

First of all, look from the modelling, the brand clothing's tag strives to be concise, unique, has the long shape, the circle, the triangle, the folding shape, the bag-type as well as other special modelling, colorful, dazzling. Secondly, from the texture, the production of the label is mostly paper, but also plastic, metal, rubber, leather, wood ... In recent years, there has been a new type of tag made of holographic anti-counterfeiting materials. To reflect the quality of the brand clothing, distinctive, tag material selection is also extremely sophisticated, such as the use of credit card materials, through special processing of wood paper. Again, from the process, the use of credit card, VIP card the same production process, printing exquisite, high-grade workmanship, exquisite. Finally, from the color, the color of the tag and the overall packaging color harmony, can show the taste and style of clothing. Therefore, the brand value of clothing tag is a comprehensive embodiment of design and printing.

The advertisement function of the dress tag

(1) As a certificate, marking the name of the product, the implementation of the standard, the number, composition, grade, inspection number and so on.

(2) Publicity enterprises, printing enterprise name, Logo, brand, address, telephone, as an enterprise advertising promotion. Traditional clothing tag no matter from the design, printing technology, material, modelling and other aspects look at, are more silent stereotypes, the content is also a routine, objective and concise introduction of the name of the commodity, origin, specifications, washing symbols, etc., basically no artistic beauty. Today, as a brand promotion of one of the strategic way, clothing tag advertising function is increasingly prominent.

Brand clothing tag design advertising function as described in the article, the tag is directly represented by the image of the enterprise, it is a good design relationship between enterprises have no willing to invest in capital talent.

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