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The difference of woven patch and printed patch
Jan 14, 2019

Clothing accessories is a project, including design, production, which is divided into various aspects of the production process, the important part is the material selection, materials and cloth cloth and other trademark category.Woven label is one of the indispensable parts of clothing accessories, and it is widely used.Clothing accessories label and the United States, improve the level of clothing and auxiliary clothing and other functions, clothing is an indispensable part of clothing, has its own characteristics and existence.

Woven label is to show the clothing characteristics of clothing or related brands, generally have English or logo of the brand.Mainly divided into two kinds: woven edge and edge.It is marked on the selvage cloth that: when the trademark is needed, it shall be woven according to the required width, which is called selvage trademark.Trim cloth label: as the name suggests, on a special high-speed machine, such as weaving whole piece weaving, and then according to the standard cut into the width of the strip.Because of the thermal and melting properties of polyester, yarns will stick together during cutting without loosening the edges.

The decorative printing mark is relative to the woven mark. It is the printing of the trademark, also known as washing mark or washing mark. It includes the label size or size mark and the certificate on the waist label and clothing label.The role of printing is to explain the production of clothing related ingredients, explain washing preventive measures and methods, also known as indicators, pay attention to standards, ingredients, washing, cloth label, barcode label.Purpose of printing: besides clothing, socks, toys, hats, bedding and towels are also used.

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