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the material of the clothing tag
Nov 14, 2017

1. Pure black card, this black card import top black card, ph neutral, chlorine-free environmental protection, black color full uniform pure, very good, the paper does not contain carbon components, will not appear oxidation phenomenon, suitable for a variety of complex printing technology. The paper is widely used in album cover, book cover, clothing tag, luxury packaging box, high-grade cosmetics packaging boxes and other products.

2. Sylvia, Italian classic dark paper, containing 20% of cotton fibre, 20% of wood fiber and 60% chlorine-free fiber, ph value neutral, can be completely biodegradable and recycled. The paper is very good, can show a variety of styles. Apply to the cover of clothing tag, invitation card and book album.

3. Silk Soft, a piece of paper and velvet features of art paper, the color is classic white and black, the white series can be printed, the unique paper can display the perfect combination of art design and paper; The Black series is only simple printing process can achieve extraordinary effect; grams weighs 120 grams and 300 grams, suitable for high-end packaging, advertising catalogs, Clothing tag and so on.

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