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The notes of hang tag designing
Feb 01, 2019

Detailed design of the tag can reflect the company's responsible and considerate attitude to customers;Tag design for complex instructions, can use legend form, even can use cartoon to make, so vivid and innovative;The design of the tag can properly use pictures, such as pictures of famous models and beautiful women wearing products, giving people an intuitive feeling, so that consumers have a deeper impression on the brand products, and playing a good role in publicity and promotion.With the increasing prosperity of the clothing market, the competition is bound to be more fierce. For brands and famous brand manufacturers, in order to protect their products from the infringement of fake and shoddy products, the tag design can use a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology, which not only protects the interests of enterprises themselves, but also protects the rights and interests of consumers.

In addition, the hang tag design can also be printed on the hang tag thanks, wish words, give a person with a sense of intimacy;With simple and elegant poetry, touched the hearts of consumers;According to the season, the consumption object, the product characteristic, designs the tag the almanac, the bookmark, the greeting card and so on makes the consumer favorite, treasures, appreciates the collection, becomes the lasting advertisement.

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