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The production process of the tag
Nov 14, 2017

The general printing process of the tag: tag design-----tag proofing film---on machine printing--hot stamping silver--laminating--die-cutting also has some other process requirements: oil and glazing UV indentation, bar code security, bump, relief, etc., can be based on the requirements of the guests to the tag to determine the process.

Although the tag is small, but it is a link between products and consumers, the production of sophisticated clothing tag printing can bring good market response, to win the reputation of the enterprise, and then the product sales play a positive role. Therefore, the production of the tag is very important, and the selection of suitable printing and post-processing equipment, it will be able to accomplish the lifting of the production task, the full maximization of production efficiency. Therefore, in the process of tag printing, we need to pay more attention to detail.

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