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The subtle relationship between pigment granules printed on garment tags
Sep 26, 2018

Whether it is a customized clothing tags or other kinds of tags customization, I want to be good, must grasp and understanding of printing technology for a good manufacturer tags is not only has the cash instruments on the equipment, will also have to understand and control on raw materials, understanding of the material can be a respect for the merchants, all this is to provide a high quality clothing tags customized service is very important prerequisites, then today dongguan or kang accessories co., LTD. As you know the some of the subtle relationship between the inside of the pigment particles.

hang tags.jpg

The quality of the ink film capillaries is determined by the particle size of the pigments in the dispersed state. For more small capillaries, more dispersed pigment particles are needed.If you want to improve the brightness of the customized products, you can improve the quality of the cleaning materials.Because smooth ink film also depends on the degree of pigment dispersion and particle size can be smooth and uniform.Of PH PH of paint and ink will send how much material is to be able to directly affect the pigment particle size and distribution of what you just said, it need to refer to is the paint PH value is low, and high content of volatile matter in ink, in this case to the clothing tags to order products is very smooth level off, the overall look is comfortable, this is because the whole of pigment particles is very small, and the result of dispersion is very homogeneous.

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