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The Technics of hang tag
Feb 11, 2019

Generally, there is no big difference in the pre-production process of each type of paper hanging tag. However, some customers want their clothing hanging tag to look more upscale and exquisite when making the hanging tag, so what should they do?Today, I will tell you that you want the tag to look more upscale and exquisite, and do not want the tag to look like the general public and cheap, it is essential to add special process to the tag in the later period, you can consider adding the following common post-printing process, so that your tag to a higher level.

1, Gold foiling

Also known as "hot stamping", the metal plate is heated, foils are applied, and gold patterns are printed on the printed matter. The features of the hot stamping part are clear, beautiful and bright colors, which can play a role of finishing the finishing point and highlighting the theme. Especially for trademarks and registered names, the effect is more significant.

2, commonly used post-printing process - UV

Local UV glazing, is adopted with a higher brightness, transparency and wearability of UV varnish selective glazing to printing graphics.While highlighting the theme, but also improve the printing surface decoration effect, part of UV mainly used in books and periodicals cover CARDS, hangtags, in order to make the finishing point.

3. Common post-printing process -- concave and convex

In embossing, a set of concave and convex plates corresponding to Yin and Yang of pictures and texts are used to place the substrate between them, and embossed concave and convex pictures and texts are pressed out by applying greater pressure, so as to obtain a vivid and beautiful three-dimensional sense. Properly used embossing technology can increase the layer sense of printing patterns and play a finishing role in packaging products. 

4. Common post-printing process -- corns

The corning is to reinforce the metal ring on the tag, handbag and other holes, so as to make the hole more solid, resistant to weight, wear-resisting and greatly extend the service life of the product.

5, commonly used post-printing process - embossing

Embossing is a common process for surface finishing of printed matter for package decoration.Through embossing can not only improve the quality of product packaging, but also can improve the artistic level of printed matter, improve the added value of goods.


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