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The types of embroidery patches
Jan 21, 2019

The types of embroidery patches are as follows:

1. Weave badges.Woven badges are similar to logos on shirts and jackets.The main advantage is that the text can be made very small, smaller than any other way.Woven badges are usually soft and require a firm pad for the hem.The badges are made by weaving, and the pattern is produced at the same time.

2. Insignia.Patterns, colors and words can be printed on the cloth to form badges by means of printing, dyeing and spraying.The advantage of this method is that it can be made in small quantities because the cost of the equipment is very low.

Gold and silver badges.The badges are handmade and are most common in Pakistan and Jordan.It is hand embroidered with gold and silver thread directly on the undercloth to form a pattern.Making such badges is time-consuming and tedious, and although many people make the job, it is difficult to find good workmanship.

3. Photo badge.The badge requires a four-colour negative, which is isolated and printed on polyester cloth by means of sublimation.The insignia is glued to the hot print film to harden it and then hemmed.In this way, the color photograph is directly imprinted on the fabric to form the final badge.

4. Needlepoint badge.The needlepoint is a special bobbinless sewing machine with a loop stitch of wool or coarse silk thread.

Embroidery patch from no gum to points can also be no gum and no gum two kinds.

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