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What is Mixed embroidery patch
Jan 12, 2019

The use of multiple embroidery elements on a single piece of embroidery is called mixed embroidery.Follow the advance by leaps and bounds of degree of science and technology, onefold embroider machine also is more and more difficult contented people is tasted to embroider aesthetic need, it is the embroider that a variety of effect is installed on one embroider machine often assemble.

Mixed embroider whole needle embroider law: wear by the position 1 first, wear by the position 2 again go down, wear by the position 3 again come up, wear by the position 4 again, wear by the position 5 again come up, go up by the position 2 again, come up by the position 3 again, go down by the position 6 again, and so on.

Confuse it is to point to the match of the line, the mark back of mixed embroider is marked normally two kinds of color number (or ordinal number), the specification difference that USES according to the cloth, the embroider line number that chooses is different also.

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