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What is seal tag?
Jan 15, 2019

A complete clothing tag is inseparable from the hanging grain. Each clothes tag must be accompanied by a hanging grain. The hanging grain is the link between the tag and the product. Therefore, the role of the hanging grain in the clothing accessory is very important. .

  In the early days, the hanging granules (slings) were knotted into a ring shape by some simple cotton ropes, hemp ropes, nylon ropes, braided ropes, etc., which could not achieve the brand highlight and special edition effect, and then were stamped with aluminum shell and printed paper. However, the shape is relatively simple, and the iron hook is easy to hook and hurt the clothes. Most of the plastic injection molding processes are used. The materials are mostly two-side hanging characters PS, ABS, etc., and the ropes are nylon rope, polyester reins, cotton rope, etc.

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