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What is the difference between the woven patch and the computer embroidered patch
Jan 07, 2019

Woven label and computerized embroidery label are both clothing trademarks, which can be used to decorate clothes. They look similar.What is the difference between the woven patch and the computer embroidered patch?

The distinction that weaves patch and computer embroider is difference of production method.

Weaves the patch to be like to weave the cloth, weaves the pattern to be quite even, suits the quite small pattern and the letter, the small may knit 2 millimeters one letter, but can only make it the badge form.

Although embroider looks more not so level off, but some like to have stereo effect quite, general small letter embroider is controlled in 5 millimeter.The advantages of embroidery can be directly embroidered to cut pieces, garments, towels and so on. But weave patch can't do this, weave patch can do only become patch, namely weave patch.Everything has strengths and weaknesses.It just depends on where we use it.

There is also a very simple way to distinguish between woven patch and embroidered patch, that is, to see whether the pattern is flat or raised.Logo design is obviously raised embroidered patch, the whole patch surface is flat woven patch.


custom woven patch


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