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What is the difference between weaving badge and embroidery badge?
Nov 28, 2018

What is an embroidery badge?

 It means that LOGO or patterns are embroidered on the cloth by computer through embroidery machines, and then a series of cutting and modification of the cloth are made into a fabric emblem with embroidery, that is, embroidery badge.


What is the weaving Mark badge?

 It refers to weave on clothes and trousers, including text, letters, LOGO logos.

military woven patch (10)

military woven patch (10)

The above two are cloth badges, which are most widely used in various leisure clothing, hats (hat badges), shoulder badges (shoulder badges) and so on. Because they are all customized styles, they are customized according to the guest's logo or drawings. But what is the difference between embroidery badges and weaving badges? In fact, simply speaking, one is embroidered on the cloth, the other is printed on the cloth. Hand feel varies from person to person. Embroidery badges feel three-dimensional when touched, while weaving badges is a simple plane.

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