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What Is Woven Label ? 3
Nov 19, 2018

The classification of trademarks is mainly based on the different machines used and the different processes.

First, the West Germany machine trademark:

Characteristics: the trademark is woven along the warp to a cloth, and then cut, so it is also known as trimming machine. According to their texture, they are classified into two categories: flat (plain) and satin (twill) trademarks. The plane can be divided into general plane, double-sided, heavy shuttle and so on. Of course, according to the warp used, black, white and black satin and white satin are different.

Two. Trademarks of wooden shuttle machines (including Taiwan wooden shuttle and Japanese wooden shuttle).

Features: The trademark woven from the machine is a complete one, so its edge is wrapped, weft from beginning to end if the same color, is linked together, feel soft. Disadvantages: low productivity and only five colors. Classification with West Germany machine.

Three. Trademark of crochet machine.

The characteristics are similar to that of the wooden shuttle, but not the shuttle, but the knitting, so the weft yarn is tighter and stronger. It is often used as a hot color mark, making use of different characteristics of warp and weft to transfer the base plate to high temperature. The cost of this brand is higher.

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