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What should be included in the standard clothing tags?
Nov 14, 2017

1. Clothing tag Content Product Name

Product name indicates the real attribute of the product, so the name in the tag is not casually, need to meet the following three requirements of the first, one is in line with national standards, industry standards on the product specification of the name. The second is the national standards, industry standards are not specified, should use will not cause misunderstanding and confusion of consumers commonly used names or common name. The third is the use of "special name", "trademark name", should be in the same place clearly marked national standards, industry standards of a name or will not cause misunderstanding and confusion of consumers commonly used names or common name.

2. The name and address of the manufacturer of the garment tag content

shall indicate the name and address of the garment manufacturer registered according to law. The entrusted enterprise is the client to process the product, and is not responsible for the external sale, the name and address of the principal shall be marked on the product. Imported garments shall be used in Chinese to indicate the origin (country or region) of the commodity and the name and address of the agent or importer or seller registered in China according to law.

3. Clothing label content of clothing product category

Class A can be 2 years of age to wear children;

Class B is a product that can touch the skin;

C class is not directly contact the skin products.

4. Clothing tag content size, specifications

Size, specifications should be in line with national standards, industry standards. Clothing products should be in accordance with GB/T 1335.1~1335.3 specifications for clothing size. One GB/t 1335.1 for men's clothing size, GB/t 1335.2 for women's clothing size, GB/t 1335.3 for children's clothing size.

5. Clothing tag content of the washing mark

5.1. Basic water washing symbol, it can have some changes, such as inserting a hand to indicate that the hand can be washed, marking 30 ℃ temperature indicating that the temperature must be controlled at the temperatures below.

5.2. The basic symbol of chlorine bleaching, the picture shows that can be chlorine bleaching, and most of it is on the top of the X, that is not chlorine bleaching.

5.3. Dry basic symbols, there are several changes, there are "丨" line, indicating that can hang dry, if the "-" line, that should be tiled dry, such as cardigan, if the painting "O", the machine can be reversed dry.

5.4. Ironing the basic symbol, if you hit "X", you can not iron.

5.5. Professional maintenance of the basic symbols, if there is a p in the circle, the type of dry cleaning agent is four vinyl chloride, if there is a letter W in the circle, you should choose professional wet wash, if the inside of the "X", indicating that it is not dry-cleaning, if nothing, indicating that you can dry-cleaning and dry-cleaning agent

6. The ingredient name and content of the material of the clothing tag content

Ingredient name and content of raw materials will also be displayed in the tag, through the state requirements of the ingredients of raw materials and content should also be marked in the product, textile fiber content should conform to the FZ 01053 (textile fiber content identification) provisions.

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