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A Brief Introduction To Hang Tags
Nov 14, 2017

We are not unfamiliar with the lifting of the clothing tag.

Clothing tag design, printing, production must be very fastidious, especially graphic design, it should be regarded as a small print ads to treat, to carefully consider the following elements: the necessary ingredients and washing instructions, especially washing instructions, not too simple; for functional clothing such as down jacket, plastic body clothing, Warm clothing, such as a careful use of instructions, do not simply use a few standard washing icon reflected. Detailed instructions can reflect the company's responsibility and thoughtful attitude to the customer, for complex instructions, you can use the legend form, or even use cartoons to make, so vivid and innovative, can be used properly pictures, such as supermodel girls dressed in product photos, give people intuitive feelings, So that consumers have a more profound impression of brand products, played a very good promotional and promotional role; bar codes (Barcode) become a symbol of modern logistics, supermarkets and large shopping malls are required to mark the bar code, so do not forget to hit the bar code. On the use of bar codes and commodity classification, must be scientific and reasonable, can not be arbitrary coding; Relevant certification signs, such as reflecting product quality assurance is09001/9002, environmental protection IS014000, cotton signs, pure wool logo, European green label oeko-texstandardl00, European eco-label E-co-1abel and so on, to actively suspend, to reflect the quality of the product characteristics, reflect the corporate image, win customer trust and recognition, with holographic anti-counterfeiting and barcode anti-counterfeiting. With the growing prosperity of the apparel market, competition is bound to be more intense, for brands and brand-name manufacturers, in order to protect their products against counterfeit products, can use a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology, which not only protect the interests of enterprises themselves, but also safeguard the interests of the vast number of consumers; Best equipped with simple and elegant poetry, impress the hearts of consumers, for the season, consumer objects, product characteristics, will be designed as a calendar, bookmarks, greeting cards, etc. to make consumers love, cherish, appreciate the collection, become a lasting advertising.

Furniture brass Ornaments. Tag is a buckling series of movable handle, rotating freely, easy to use, because of the careful design of the craftsmen, the form is rich and diverse, is more characteristic of one of the copper ornaments.