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Chinese New Year!
Feb 05, 2019

The annual festival is an ancient festival in China and the most important festival in the whole year. In the historical development, some relatively fixed customs and habits have been formed, many of which have been passed down to this day. The Spring Festival is a happy and peaceful festival, and it is also a day of family reunion and ancestors. On New Year's Eve, the whole family gathered together to eat the "Team of the Year". The elders distributed the "old money" to the children, and the family group sat on the "Year of the Year". At the time of the first day of the Yuan Dynasty, the firecrackers rang, and the activities of retiring the old age and welcoming the New Year reached a climax. Each family burned incense and salute, respected the heavens and the earth, sacrificed the ancestors, and then gave the honorable deities to the New Year, and then congratulated each other's relatives and friends.