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Common Dimensions Of Tag
Nov 14, 2017

The commonly used tag size has four kinds, namely: 9*5.4cm, 4*9cm, 4*4cm, 9*9cm. These sizes are also very advantageous in terms of price customization. General tag manufacturers are based on these four specifications to do. Some irregular tags, such as triangles, round, oval, irregular shape and so on can also be customized, but will cause the waste of paper, so the cost will be relatively expensive point.

For the size of the tag, the shape of the problem, to the characteristics of their products, the company's positioning, product positioning to design options, so that the production of the tag will be more in line with the company's overall image, brand image, to facilitate customers in the first time to know you. Of course, when the custom tag, if the cost is considered, the proposal to choose the normal size is enough, so as to avoid some paper waste.