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How To Design The Shape Of A Tag
Nov 14, 2017

To determine the size and shape of the tag is the first step of custom tag, but the shape of the tag is a variety of, how to design a good tag shape, there is a unified standard requirements? How much is it based on the amount of information? This is a question that some customers often ask.

In fact, the shape and size of the tag is not uniform standard requirements.

The size of the tag has different specifications, if you want to hang the card more prominent, you can also choose a slightly larger size specifications. It doesn't have to be judged only by the amount of information, because it's not the same. At the same time, you can choose some cute graphics shape, so as to attract the consumer's eyes, so that consumers in the shopping and hovering when the stop. If you think those ordinary graphics are too popular, you can also make some alternative tag shapes, such as a round tag, a calendar tag, a bookmark tag, which is a good choice. Innovation in the past traditional tag design, so that customers have a refreshing feeling, thereby generating interest, this is the first step of successful sales.

At present, the design of the tag look: There are long, fold-shaped, round, triangular, bag-shaped and other special shapes.