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How To Get The Function Of Anti-counterfeiting Of Tag?
Jan 31, 2019

Along with society's progress and the development of science and technology, in recent years, there appear a lot of fake fake products on the market, some people yield to the temptation of the society, then mind wrongly-directed mind, under the brand name of sway, in clothing, hats, shoes and other industries, with some forging technology, make the same shape goods to cheat customer, to save from get high profits, it directly affect the user experience on the one hand, on the other hand is the merchant's reputation.In order to combat this kind of behavior, in addition to the protection of national policies and people's supervision, I think the "action" of businesses is more important.Businesses have to come up with a way to tell if a product is genuine, so that speculators have no holes in the entrance.Among them to have "id card" the paper tag that say is printed an anti-counterfeiting function is a good method.Next, as HK garment accessories company focusing on tag printing for 12 years, we will tell you how to add anti-counterfeiting function to the tag.


Security tag is based on special security paper (security wire paper or watermark paper), combined with security graphic design, special printing (gravure), special ink (OVI light ink).

So what do companies need to do?First of all, enterprises should make use of modern information anti-counterfeiting technology, so that an item corresponds to a unique, random anti-counterfeiting code, and will be the anti-counterfeiting code input into the query system in advance, after the purchase of goods consumers can check the anti-counterfeiting code to obtain the response information of the server, verify the authenticity.In addition, when the design of the tag, the tag manufacturer is required to arrange the security code.In addition to this kind of tag anti-counterfeiting technology, but also through our usual habits of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting WeChat, these are good tag anti-counterfeiting technology.

Through the tag anti-counterfeiting technology, so that enterprises in the fierce market competition to win the best corporate reputation and image, but also to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.