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How To Make Quality Woven Label?
Feb 06, 2019

High quality woven label requires high technical requirements, but low output.There is also a flat/satin finish, which is characterized by a soft feel.More suitable for advanced clothing supplies, such as fashion, suits and so on.The cost structure of the cloth label is related to not only the width, total length of colors and technology, but also the variety of yarn used.JB series yarns are commonly used internationally.

Cut side cloth label: as the name suggests, in a dedicated high-speed machine, like weaving like a whole piece of woven out, and then according to the width of the label cut into strips.Because of the hot melt properties of polyester, the yarns will stick to each other during cutting without breaking edges.Also because of this reason, the appearance and feel will be affected, a good machine will be better, with ultrasonic than the ordinary electric knife will be better.The label of strip packing can be directly arranged and sent to the garment factory for processing.If strict requirements, still need to carry out cutting and folding processing.Because the maximum width of this single faucet machine is 20.8cm, that is to say, the width can be woven out of the mark, also can be processed into a variety of shapes.

Woven label can be divided into two categories of plane label and satin label according to the classification of technology.

Plane mark: cloth mark is like cloth structure, simple one weft upper and lower interweave and become to call simple plane mark.Generally speaking, the warp is fixed, or black, or white, so there are black and white flat, light color background, generally with white flat, dark generally with black flat.The pattern and color of the cloth label are mainly expressed by the weft yarn, and the color expressed shall be different from the effect of crossing the warp yarn.Because the general machine has the use of weft type of restrictions, so can express the color is limited, generally within 8 kinds.As can be seen from the above, the price components are: the width of the cloth label, that is, the number of warp used;The length of the cloth label and the length of each color along the warp direction.In order to express more details and colors, double the weft count and call it double-sided mark. If a color needs to be more three-dimensional, add another yarn count and call it heavy shuttle.In addition to washing and size, most of the plane double-sided label.The cloth labels are all yarns to express the pattern, which must be different from the original graphic design, so it is impossible to make large goods without small samples.