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Printing Process And Technology
Nov 29, 2018

Printing refers to the technology of transferring ink to the surface of paper, fabric, leather and other materials through plate-making, inking and pressing of original manuscripts such as text, pictures and photographs for batch reproduction of the content of original manuscripts. There are many forms of printing, the most common are traditional offset printing, screen printing and digital printing.

Printing is divided into three stages:

Pre-press refers to the pre-print work, generally refers to photography, design, production, typesetting, output of film proofing, etc.

Printing refers to the medium-term work of printing, the process of printing finished products through the printing press;

Post-press refers to the post-press work, generally refers to the post-processing of printed materials including glue (film coating), UV, oil, beer, hot stamping, bumping, mounting, binding, cutting and so on, mostly used for publicity and packaging printing.