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Small Paper Tag, Big Effect
Sep 26, 2018

Every time I buy clothes, the tags on the clothes are usually cut or torn off with a pair of scissors.Such a small hangtag, people often feel useless and throw it away.But actually, it has many functions!

1. Receive the headsphone

Usually, the headphone cable is always entangled, which is difficult to disassemble.Don't worry, the tags can also contain the earphones!Find a hang tag and open one opening on the middle of each side. First, stick the plug into one opening and hold it with your hand. Then, wrap the lower thread around the other two openings.Finally, stick the two headsets into the cable.It's nice and neat!

hang tag 1.jpeg

2.Clean the keyboard

Cut a piece of double-sided tape and stick it to the side of the card. Stick the tag with double-sided tape into the slot of the keyboard.

3. Clean the gap of hearth

There are also some gaps in life that can be cleaned with a hang tag!For example, it is difficult to clean the gap on the edge of the hearth, and there will be a lot of dirt after a long time. We only need to take a hang tag casually, and scratch it into the gap, and the dirty things will come out!

hang tag 2.jpeg

4. Bookmark

Compared with e-books, many people who like to read physical books have to make a mark every time they finish the book, so that they can read it next time.But when you fold a book, you get creases, and the hangtag is short and thin, with strings on it, and it looks just like a bookmark!

hang tag 3.jpeg

5. String them together to make creative curtains

Clothes tags can also be collected, and creative door curtains can be made at leisure time when they are boring. As long as they are cut into different shapes and connected one by one with paper clips, a unique door curtain will be created when you apply your favorite color.What's more, you can also write some personal goals, life philosophy, feelings, or confessions on the tag, which is very interesting!

hang tag 4.jpeg