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The New Challenge That The Label Printing Factory Encounters
Nov 14, 2017

Any industry in the process of development will encounter a variety of opportunities and challenges, and enterprises only to recognize them and respond accordingly, the enterprise can survive. With the garment industry gradually to "high speed, small batch, many styles" of production mode change, clothing labels, tag printing enterprises have ushered in a number of new challenges.

In the "High speed" production mode, from the accurate identification of popular trends to meet the trend of the new fashion to the store, modern fast-wear apparel company only two weeks to complete (and in the traditional clothing production mode, the cycle of up to 4-12 months). This has a higher requirement for the delivery cycle of clothing labels, tag tags and packaging identification labels. From the acceptance of orders to door-to-door, clothing labels, tag printing enterprises are often only a short period of 3-5 days production time, especially for emergency replenishment of the situation, delivery will be shorter.

"Small Batch" is also one of the important characteristics of the new production mode. Fashion is the most characteristic is changeable, and can touch the desire of consumers to buy clothing is always in "out of stock" state, the key is that each garment has a very small number of production, each with the world's only ID and corresponding identification code information, which is reflected in the clothing label and tag. The impact on clothing labels and tag printing companies is that each batch of orders is short and has variable information.

The new clothing production model does not pursue each clothing production quantity, but pays attention to the style "the multiplicity". Today's clothing manufacturers usually provide more than 1000 costumes per month, two times a week to ensure that consumers can bring fresh feeling. In order to comply with such customer needs, clothing labels, tag printing enterprises will often be in the process of "change single production." Thus, the new garment production model for clothing labels, tag printing Enterprises put forward a higher demand, that is, within the very short delivery cycle, the completion of thousands of small orders of variable data printing. At this point, if the traditional printing method is still used, not only the implementation costs are very high, but also difficult to ensure the quality and quantity within the stipulated time to complete the order. The emergence of digital printing presses, clothing labels, tag printing enterprises to increase the production of "flexibility" for their clothing production to adapt to the new model provides a guarantee.