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The Usefulness Of The Tag
Nov 14, 2017

First, the clothes tag incarnation is the beautiful bookmark.

A good book takes time to savor, and in the fast-paced today, people can only spend a fraction of their time reading, so read a book of the time span is also relatively large, in order to be able to remember to read where, people often choose to fold up the book, this let the book has a crease for the love of the book for the person who is in the heart of the knife Ah, But if you have a bookmark, you don't have to fold it, so you can bookmark it with your torn down clothes tag.

Second, clothing tag avatar Keyboard cleaning Small warrior.

Nowadays people's daily life can not be separated from the computer, people's hands on the keyboard time accounted for most of the day, if there is dust on the keyboard or other dirty things, then your hands will also become dirty oh, don't ask me how I know, because now the small part I just use black finger here code word, It's time to clean up the keyboard. At this time, the clothes tag can be useful, double-sided adhesive affixed to the end of the clothes tag, and then with a double-sided adhesive on the end of the keyboard in the gap across, the keyboard gap in the dirt is also easy to be brought out.

Third, clothing tag incarnation earphone card.

Commute by bus, take the subway, in order to kill time we all like to plug headphones immersed in their own music world, however, the headphones will often mess, each comb needs to spend a certain amount of time, is annoying, at this time the clothes tag can be transformed into a headset to receive cards, as long as the clothes tag cut a few mouth, Then it's easy to wrap the headphones around.

Four, clothes tag incarnation clear crevice Dirt small talent.

Home face all kinds of furniture, toys, utensils in use after a period of time all need to clean up, and the dirt in the gap often let a person very crazy, at this time clothes tag can play its small and thin use, you can easily scrape the dirt in the gap.

The earth is so big, the resources are so many, and people still have to live on this earth for many years, so, this on the earth a flower plants, can use many times not to waste, clothing tag is also, so we should make full use of.