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The Usual Craft Of The Trousers Tag
Nov 14, 2017

The most common product in the pants tag is the ordinary rectangular cardboard-like product. This is the most common product with the most core technology is Offsctdruckereien technology, that is, commonly known as the four-color printing, because of the tag each individual is relatively small, he used more ink will be less, so in order to achieve "engine" The standard of the process is in general the need for a larger amount of predetermined quantity to be equal to the cost of the "heat engine", so in the use of four-color printing process, the amount of the initial cost is a lot of people looking for pants tag business often do.

In addition to the more common type of boxy, which uses only offset printing technology, also a part of the tag is the use of embossed technology tag, which is also more common but there is no offset printing process so popular one of the technology, the use of the lines of trousers to do embellishment of this product is a little creative way to make, Because even if again good-looking Offsctdruckereien product tag are all the same, but this kind of touch on the innovative trousers tag to make to consumers a long drought every spring the same bright effect, and flexible use of a variety of technology is a lot of trousers tag to make the necessary innovation.

The above-mentioned offset printing technology and embossing technology is currently the most common form of custom-made trousers tag.