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What Is Plastic Tag?
Feb 14, 2019

Garments and garments are generally provided with a variety of plastic tags.It is mainly to guide consumers from the ingredients and content of raw materials, washing methods for reference.Proper maintenance is carried out during the wearing process.From the durability of the logo, marked by the content of the ingredients, we can identify the texture of clothing, so that consumers understand the characteristics of clothing.In addition, we can also see these professional-looking patterns on the label. In fact, it mainly tells us the washing method of clothes, which has a strong authority. 

It's easy to get lost in all these different patterns.But look closely together, in fact, in the life of the most common washing label mainly have water marks, dry cleaning (just remember circle), dry logo (a garment design, can hang in the sun), ironing identification (a ripple, below indicates when ironing requires placemat, and much more if some bar below, say need to use steam electric iron ironing) second, the temperature of the iron tip is by identifying the dot to show above.A dot indicates that the temperature of the iron should not exceed 110 degrees.Two dots indicate that the maximum temperature of the iron should not exceed 150 degrees.Three points means the highest temperature is 200 degrees.Before you iron, be sure to see exactly how many points.Of course natural fiber is temperature-resistant, choose good temperature to be able to iron, and chemical fiber is not temperature-resistant, easy from aurora, even if iron should low temperature or cloth.