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What Is The Difference Between Custom And Other Tag Practices?
Nov 14, 2017

In the design collocation, the color of the shirt is mostly white, so with the white main tag design will be more in line with this product, and in addition to the color tone, there is the style, the style of the shirt come and go is lattice and pure color, playful some is the stripe structure, So in the shirt tag custom is also used in the elements of these products as embellishment elements most suitable; and the general clothing tag to T-shirt for example, his color is multifarious, black T-shirt is currently compared in the style, so many tags are based on the current elements to determine the tone, the style and the shirt is very different, T-shirt More is the background and design, these patterns are generally WordArt or logo, their tag is often the prominent pattern as the main body, and not like the shirt tag custom-made just use style as a decorative background.

In the process technology, the shirt is custom-made when the need to be more solemn and solemn some of the process technology at this time of general, the acceptance of paper more stringent standards, can not appear a trace of stains and stains, must be 100% qualified, and usually in the production of four-color printing will result in the first and 10,000th of the color difference is obvious, Usually using spot-color printing to protect the dignity and uniformity of the custom-made shirt tag; and t-shirt tag production process is more personalized, although there will be quality requirements, but some color deviation is the four-color printing defects are acceptable tolerance within the range, as long as not particularly serious, normal T-shirt business is acceptable , and because of the wide range of applications for T-shirts, preferences are not the same, so a variety of such as UV, convex, bronzing these can show the individuality of the process used in the T-shirt tag custom-made, the reverse view of the pursuit of shirt tag is quality and formal, these processes must be used just right to achieve the desired effect.