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What's Inside The Color Tag?
Nov 14, 2017

A lot of tag manufacturers will be in the tag custom service process to provide a free tag design services, through the free tag design services to enhance the customer to the color tag process of participation, so that customers have a sense of belonging.

At present the market has a lot of color tag custom-made design, and the above content and shape is often very sophisticated have a very high ornamental, and color tag custom service is also very learned. Even if the different needs of color tag custom-made service enterprises his own tag has his own characteristics or is in line with the appearance of the company's image, but most of the color tag will be printed on the factory name and address and the telephone and the postcode even logo, etc. these can be contacted with the merchant or remember the logo of the merchant. There are companies that will have their own nature printed on it (such as joint ventures and foreign-owned materials).

More businessmen simply rudely put tag, as a condensed "advertising", the supermodel beauty or the spokesperson wear their products printed in the photo of the color tag to do the tag, so that its consumers have a more intuitive feeling, At the same time let the consumer through this color tag to do out of the tag to their own products have a more strong impression of accumulation, this will have a good promotional effect.