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Why Does The Woven Patch Need To Merrow Border?
Mar 14, 2019

Woven label are generally woven or cut edge.However, we often see the selvage around the woven label. Some customers think that the woven mark has selvage, but this is a wrong understanding.Woven label is locked, which is the subsequent adding process.

Why do woven labels need to be hemmed?

Selvage is a kind of sewing method, used for weaving mark edge or buttonhole, stitching is very dense, the line is inclined or hook is connected, can prevent weaving mark loose edge, has the function of consolidating computer woven mark.The selvage is very common in the woven label fabric, and in the clothing accessories requirements,

Many clients worry is that the fabric isn't strong enough, in fact, for this question, we have a corresponding method, the doyen of early they have touch interface, pulp and so on a series of ways, of course, what we call the overlock, to a certain extent is a reinforcing effect, also can say woven out of the trademark is more beautiful, more have stereo feeling.